Client Wire Transfer: Information & Forms

Exchange proceeds and/or accrued interest will be returned to the Exchangor when:
  • Exchangor does not identify replacement property(s) by the 45th day of the 1031 exchange
  • Exchangor is closing escrow on the last identified property(s)
  • Exchange has reached the 180 day maximum time period and a remaining balance exists in Exchangor's interest bearing account.
Exchangors have two options with regard to having funds returned:
  • Cashier's Check — Mailed to client via certified mail or available for pickup 24 hours after account closure
  • Wire Transfer — Transferred same day of account closure if attached form is completed and returned to Pioneer 1031 Company by 10:30 AM MST.
    • Form must be fully completed
    • Please contact your financial institution to confirm routing/ABA numbers and wire procedures to avoid delay in funding.
Completed Wire Instructions can be returned to Pioneer 1031 Company...
  1. U.S. Mail to:
    Pioneer 1031 Company
    1414 W. Bannock Street
    Boise, Idaho 83702 OR
  2. Fax to (208) 373-3737 OR
  3. Email to
Wire Transfer Form
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